Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Westside Terraced Rock Walls: work-in-progress photos

This rock wall project consisted of 3 long rock walls (pictured above) and 2 shorter ones, including a staircase/planter.  The home and rock walls look out at a magnificent west side view on Whidbey Island (see below).
The view (above)
above: work-in-progress.  Luc is spreading compost for the newly terraced planting beds
Spreading compost with the excavator

Marina and Stella head for the play set after a picnic lunch at the job site.

Above: one of the shorter rock walls in the foreground.  Stella is standing in front of the stone staircase.  I love how the slide is placed!
Above: the other shorter rock wall.  The wall is topped with rocks to make a staircase-planter.  The homeowners planted small ground cover plants between the rocks.


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Amazing. And great work in progress. We also do stonescapes back here at katy landscaping. But your rockscape is quite interesting. Hope the "work-in-progress" gets a real fine finish.

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