Thursday, November 12, 2009

Building a Rock Wall with an Excavator (in the rain)

Finished rock wall, puddles and all!
Luc's latest job, above, a long rock retaining wall that transitions the large hill above the resident's new house into a flat backyard.  The past few weeks have been very wet with lots of rainfall, which poses unique challenges for building a rock wall, especially one like this that retains a hillside next to a house.  Extra work was done to aid in drainage around and through the rock wall, including drain rock/gravel and a small culvert.  Below are some pictures of the process:

  above: the house is being built at the same time as the rock wall.

 Some of the rocks that will be used

Luc and his girls 

walking the line, on top the work-in-progress

 staking it out

 putting in the gravel


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