Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Westside Terraced Rock Walls: work-in-progress photos

This rock wall project consisted of 3 long rock walls (pictured above) and 2 shorter ones, including a staircase/planter.  The home and rock walls look out at a magnificent west side view on Whidbey Island (see below).
The view (above)
above: work-in-progress.  Luc is spreading compost for the newly terraced planting beds
Spreading compost with the excavator

Marina and Stella head for the play set after a picnic lunch at the job site.

Above: one of the shorter rock walls in the foreground.  Stella is standing in front of the stone staircase.  I love how the slide is placed!
Above: the other shorter rock wall.  The wall is topped with rocks to make a staircase-planter.  The homeowners planted small ground cover plants between the rocks.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Building a Rock Wall with an Excavator (in the rain)

Finished rock wall, puddles and all!
Luc's latest job, above, a long rock retaining wall that transitions the large hill above the resident's new house into a flat backyard.  The past few weeks have been very wet with lots of rainfall, which poses unique challenges for building a rock wall, especially one like this that retains a hillside next to a house.  Extra work was done to aid in drainage around and through the rock wall, including drain rock/gravel and a small culvert.  Below are some pictures of the process:

  above: the house is being built at the same time as the rock wall.

 Some of the rocks that will be used

Luc and his girls 

walking the line, on top the work-in-progress

 staking it out

 putting in the gravel

Friday, September 25, 2009

What do you have that will last hundreds of years?

Stella smiles high atop her daddy's rock wall project

Luc is currently making a very long rock wall that's about 4 feet tall. The wall frames the home owner's property line, then curves around to meet the driveway. Stella and I stopped by on a sunny weekday to record the progress. Luc is using his excavator to place the large rocks and shape the earth. It is an often times tedious process, but it is incredibly rewarding to see the wall in all of it's magnificence! It may stand for hundreds of years, who knows? It will likely last longer than the house itself. That is some kind of responsibility!

Visit Luc's landscaping blog at: http://www.livelylandscapes.blogspot.com

or for a free job estimate call: 360-914-6022

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Volunteer Work for Island (the Kids') Coffeehouse in Langley

The "BEFORE" picture, above, with Luc's excavator parked and ready for work the next day . . .

Luc and his excavator (above) do the work of many people in just one day

Marina visits with dad at the work site

Above: this is how the landscaping looked after Luc removed some of the bushes on the west side of the coffeehouse

Above: paths are being put in and soil is being moved

Luc has been volunteering his time, excavator, and expertise to help the Island Coffeehouse and Book Store in downtown Langley renovate their landscaping.

Plans for the coffeehouse include expanding the building to include a second story, taking out the previous landscaping, and adding paths and plantings.

Island Coffeehouse's website describes the business as a "community-building showcase for collaborating with youth voices – in song, in art, and in poetry and prose. Through programs like Friday Night Live, Youth In Philanthropy and the sales of youth art, we give young people a space to contribute their artistic visions and their service to the South End of Whidbey Island."

The store is a non-profit business and is a program of the South Whidbey Community Engagement Center, and the South Whidbey Commons, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

For more information on the coffeehouse and book store visit their website at:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Clearing Loads of Blackberries to Reveal a Barn and Field

Before: Blackberries were taking over the field and had climbed all the way up to the barn's roof line.

Another view (to the right of the barn): massive amounts of blackberries

R: Before picture L: after some initial blackberry removal work was done via the excavator

Luc and excavator in action

More action pictures

Right: clearing the blackberries to reveal a very old stone building

L: Progress! R: some remaining blackberry branches in the barn windows

L: the girls watch and record Luc's progress R: Stella points to Daddy

L: Removing the blackberries reveals . . . the barn! R: Luc at work on a cold, wet day

Dealing with the blackberries: burning

The girls watch the fire with dad and warm their hands

Above: some of the massive piles of blackberries.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Raised Rock Planter makes a circular driveway

Placing rocks after dumping off many many yards of dirt (see below pics) to make a planter and a circular driveway.

BEFORE: with rock pile and dirt piles. A lot more dirt to go . . .

And more dirt . . .

AFTER: There it is with the dirt smoothed and rocks placed to make the planter.